A Dream From Last Night…

Last night, I had a dream I had a pet baby owl and we were best friends. I nursed it to health. We ended up in my childhood home and I taught it how to fly.

I wish I was an artist so I could draw everyone a picture of the baby owl. It was very cute.

Everyone wanted to play with the owl. I stored her in a box so my dogs wouldn’t eat her.

But one of my dogs almost did, but she flew away from what was stressing her.

I wish I could just fly away from all the stress like an owl. It would make life much easier. When I meditate, I often pretend I am flying gently without a care.

However, she wasn’t able to see me again, because that would expose her to the stress of the hounds.

Sometimes the risk of pain is worth the cost of stress.

At the end of the day, I realized I want a pet owl.

Actually, I really don’t. They bite, poop, and are quite mean. Plus, it would keep me up at night…