A Book Review- Othello



One of my friends made me read Shakespeare. She said I would love reading Othello.

I was NOT thrilled. I’ve read Romeo and Juliet, King Richard III, Midsummer’s YAWN!

I just can’t get into it. I’m not a poetry person at ALL. In fact, I usually skip poetry when I come across it.

And what is Shakespeare but POETRY massed with BIG, UNUSED, words. Gag!

I’m sure I’ve already lost some huge Shakespeare fanatics. I’m sorry. He was a cool guy, LOVED him in the Doctor Who episode…err. I get when someone references him typically. And I’ve tried, and I tried again.

I hated Othello in the beginning. I gave up and read a plot line on Wikipedia and tried to use that to fool my friend. She caught me.

Ugh. So I sat down again, opened the book. And I was able to imagine it. I was able to picture what what happening. I started to get why people loved Shakespeare! Oh man, that was DEEP. I thought he was only popular thanks to old English teachers who were required to love him.

It’s a great love triangle. I don’t usually do the romantics. It’s alright, Shakespeare did a little romance but it wasn’t being shoved down my throat. It also goes into race, something I never really thought about being an issue. Honestly, I just didn’t think there would be that much communication between people to occur. I’m ignorant in that manner (I know slaves were a thing, I just didn’t think they could be freed and on their own/Moorish were also judged upon).

AND WHAT A SOCIOPATH Iago is! He’s hilarious, he really is. I don’t want to get too much into detail, but what he has people do…

I strongly recommend this book, of course, why would I write about it if I didn’t? Well, stay tuned. My next book review will be onĀ Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. And that book…well, I was disappointed. Ish.

Yes, I binge-read. Yes I’m aware it’s a problem. No, I can’t quit.