Recent ANGER in the Field of Autism

So yesterday, I was snooping the Book and this HORRID post smacks me in the face. It is talking about how marijuana caused autism when injected. I WAS LIVID. I investigated further. Apparently, there are people who don’t have anything better to do than to troll ON AUTISM. Mom’s Against Autistic Children?

I get it. I can get making fun of stuff. I do it all the time. And yes, I do crack jokes about autism and my clients. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or hasn’t been in the field long enough. I make sure my clients KNOW I’m kidding and I obviously don’t pick on anything which they can’t control. They laugh with me. I have enough rapport to know the line.

But what are you trying to win when you do something like this? Are you saying autism is a joke, and the complex neuroscience isn’t the cause? Are you referring to the vaccine debate, which is still a debate (how???)? Are you referring to the people who use marijuana to help with autism?

Thus why it is SO important to make sure the point of your humor is understood. The creators of this page claimed to have autism. Whether that is true or not, it’s part of learning how to control and express yourself so others don’t get offended. Is it easy or is it a learning experience? It’s a learning experience. I did a little stalking and found out it may be possible they have autism, however they are hiding behind their disability. Yes, I know it’s hard. This is something I will cover in the next post though.

The point of this point is to show the importance of understanding. From what I saw, the person would post things which were offensive, then get upset when others remarked on the offensive nature. The person claimed they were a victim of bullying. And, in a manner, they were.

Did he deserve it? YES.

But did he FEEL like he deserved it? No. No, he really didn’t.

So acting out in the rage was not only a failure to him, but also a failure to yourself. It’s so important to know when a moment can be a learning opportunity for someone. This could be the moment for him. But using anger clearly wasn’t working, and was just escalating the situation.

Thus why it is imperative to use a manner in which he will actually listen. I speak from experience. I tune anger out. It scares me. I won’t listen to it.

Clearly, if one method isn’t working, then it is time to try a new method.

Do I get why parents were so upset? YES. This person managed to tackle many different areas which would inflict rage. I was ticked. I just waited though. I didn’t respond to it. I simply waited.