Book Review- Dark Places


Gillian Flynn is amazing, but boy does she HATE women! She really does. In every book, the man is innocent in the end, but you begin to hate him or love him…I love her books. I really do. I LOVED¬†Gone Girl. I was alright with¬†Sharp Objects. I had some personal issues with it (how was she COVERED with scars? How did she get them even on her back?)

But, plot for this book is about Libby, who is really short and lives off money from her murdered family, who was murdered by her brother. She is older, and has run out of money. Instead of getting a job, as she is depressed (again, a theme which Flynn does amazing but I’ve already seen it once), she decides to basically sell off her family things to a group which is convinced her brother wasn’t guilty. Flynn does well with this, she conveys how jealous Libby was feeling.

Interestingly, she decides to find out if her brother is really guilty. I wish Flynn hadn’t focused as much on how she would be committing perjury if she revoked her claim. Clearly she wouldn’t have been. SHE WAS SEVEN. Instead, Flynn could have given more attention towards how Libby handled the visit. I felt sort of…incomplete.

Well, turns out Libby’s brother was guilty by association, and he was protecting the mother of his unborn child, who had murdered one of the kids, while a crazed insurance man messed up and murdered the rest of the family. Great plot, great twist.

Why was I bummed at the end? Because it just felt…rushed. Like it was a clean ending, but I wanted a little more on Dan (the brother). I wish she had given just a little more attention to the satanic rituals. I wish she had given a bit more on Dan in general, more like what prison was like, more about how he felt. I wish she had given more care towards Libby’s attachment issues. Yes, she does talk about this, but just not in the manner I had hoped for.

And I wasn’t sure how Libby felt at the end. It stated it, but I still felt…blah.

Great plotline, very complex, I loved the dynamics, loved the visuals of farm life. Overall, I enjoyed the book, but it left me feeling incomplete at the end, and not in the manner of which I would be thinking about it.