A Review- The Good Soldier

There may be spoilers contained within this review. I say may be as I do not view them as spoilers myself.

This book was written by Ford Madox Ford in 1915, and was recommended to me by a dear friend. Despite it’s confusing language and organization, I did enjoy it. I found it was very psychological in terms of emotions. I enjoyed this, and found myself creating a theory the main character (John) was a sociopathic murderer revealing his story in court while pretending to be elsewhere. I also wondered if John was in love with both Edward and with Leonora (at least, in love with her for a brief stint). These ideas are wonderful with Ford’s use of the unreliable narrator (however at times I felt I was an unreliable reader!).

The story has a lot of notes. I found reading a few in advance would help with the constant flipping back and forth. The plot is complicated yet simple. There are only around 6 characters in all which helped with following who was who. The plot is simply the story of two couples and their affairs…which there are a lot of affairs.

I do recommend this book however do not judge it by it’s size. It should take you a bit of time to read and then reread. It is great for someone who is interested in psychology as it gives a critical look at emotions. It is hard to get into at first so grit your teeth and read on!