I’m broken, and broke! A two-for-one special. Maybe one day, I’ll only have one deal…where I’ll just be broken. Or just be broke. One or the other works, hahaha.

BUT YOU CAN HELP! Unless you’re broke…then we can be broke together?



My real name isn’t Sadie Noelle but what I talk about are my real opinions and real stories. Details have been changed in order to prevent anyone from gaining access to who I really am because honestly I don’t want people knowing who the real me is at this moment. I’m afraid it may hurt me later on.

So this blog is a life story in a way. Oh cool, another life story? Why would you waste your and others time writing about your life? Why is your life so different from everyone else? And how do we know if this really happened if you’re anonymous?

Well, yes, another life story, and at the end it’s not a waste to me because I use it to grow. I’m hoping it helps others who find themselves in situations like me. I don’t know if my life is different from anyone else. And I’m not sure how you’d know if this is true or not. That’s not my deal. I know this is coming from a valid source.

So who would want to read about this blog? Well, I’d be covering a wide area of different stories from different points. I have ADHD. I’m not going to focus on just one topic. Some days I might talk about ADHD, some days I might talk about my life, some days I may be reviewing a topic, some days I might be answering random questions, and some days I might just not talk about anything. So who would want to follow this blog? Well, I guess it is just up to you. You might just stumble upon it one day, or you might be a diligent follower.

So who is Sadie Noelle? Well, the name is just something which flew across me. Here are some facts about me (some have been slightly modified). I live in Southern New England with my cat (of course) and boyfriend. I am around 23 years old, and I have both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree…I’ll get into that later. I work in the field of ABA with children with autism, and I also dabble in human services. I am white and I grew up in a white town in Western Massachusetts. I have ADHD along with PTSD and depression, again something for a later time. I’m a fan of Buddha. That’s who I am, and I guess that’s who Sadie is as well.

What does Sadie look like? Well, she looks like me. She has long auburn brown hair, and brown eyes. She’s not skinny, but not really fat either. Sadie is just average looking. It’s the same with me. People are constantly asking if I am related to this or that person, or claiming they saw me out somewhere. They didn’t.

What is Sadie’s personality? That’s for you to find out. I could say it, but it might change.

So that’s my background.