About Sadie Noelle

My real name isn’t Sadie Noelle but what I talk about are my real opinions and real stories. Details have been changed in order to prevent anyone from gaining access to who I really am because honestly I don’t want people knowing who the real me is at this moment. I’m afraid it may hurt me later on with my career.

I talk more about this in my first post if you are curious. Either way, I really talk about whatever is interesting to me at the moment. I do a LOT of talking about autism, and then some about: education, ADHD, Buddha, bullying, life, book reviews, and whatever else my mind decides to talk about at the moment. I could just make one standard blog for each topic, but that wouldn’t be much fun at all. Because of this, I’ll ideally be posting a lot. However, realistically, I will probably be aiming for one blog a week.

If you have anything you’d like to see me write about, please comment and ask me too. If you ask about it, I will write about it (within reason).

2 thoughts on “About Sadie Noelle

    • Hi, sorry for the VERY long delay. I’m working on getting some of my old therapy files then I should be adding to the story. I’m not sure how much I will be posting of it though, I would love to make it a book one day. Thank you so much for your inspiring words!!!!


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