Apps for the ADHD Mind

I post a lot about living with ADHD, but I fail to post some of the skills I use to help with my ADHD. Well, that’s not good at all for other people who may be wondering how I do it. So I decided to do just that! Here are some apps I found. Some of them I just discovered today and will have to update as we go along, some of them I have been using for years on end.

All of them are free for IOS, and for adults (for the most part, some may be a little childlike however). All of the apps are able to be used for both the iPhone and for the Droid unless marked differently. I will be looking into apps which are similar for Droid.

Apps for Time Management

In the ADHD world, we don’t do schedules. We arrive late, we are chaotic with to do lists, and we spend too much time on one task. There are a TON of apps for this though, and it’s overwhelming. I only use a few.

  1. Sunrise Calender (by Sunrise Aletier)- It’s a wonderful calender which takes from Google Calender, Facebook (birthdays and events), and even has the ability to add other calenders (Buddhist holidays and when the Bruins are playing). It even tells you the weather (essential for someone with ADHD).
  2. iFocus (by Joseph Amato, only for iPhone)- This app isn’t the most user friendly, in my opinion, but it sets up a timer for one task you need to complete. It’s great if you find you are spending too much time on one activity.
  3. LeaveNow (by Tetherpad, only for iPhone, try Bounce for Droid)- I will sometimes use GoogleMaps for this, but it tells you when you need to leave to arrive at a place on time. I’m not sure how well it works with traffic yet. Only time will tell.
  4. Ovo Timer (by Ilumbo)- This is a simple timer for use up to 60 minutes which has a wonderful visual.
  5. 30/30- Much like iFocus in a way, 30/30 allows you to set up a to do list with timers for how long each task will go for.
  6. Fitbit Timer (by Fitbit)- This one isn’t free unless you have a Fitbit, however you can program an alarm in there. I love it because it’s discrete. My reaction towards the Fitbit is not, however.

Apps for Organizing

We have ideas on the run, we have to do lists, and we have grocery lists. It’s a lot to work with, but getting it recorded really helps.

  1. Notes (comes with the phone typically)- That’s right, good old Notes. I use this to help make lists for things I want to buy (not grocery), write down emails, and to make lists of things which are not urgent (I.E. movies and tv shows I need to binge watch).
  2. HabitRPG (by OCDevel)- You make up a list of behaviors you want to increase or decrease (i.e. cleaning room, recycling, feeding the cat) and you get points to use to buy little RPG things (like a sword). It’s great for to do lists except it doesn’t really give deadlines. I just started with this App, and I’m a little too excited for it…
  3. Dragon (by Nuance Communications, Inc)- It’s on every single list like this in the world because it is so simple, you just say what you want and it turns it into text. And it actually understands me, unlike Siri!!!
  4. Evernote (by Evernote Corporation)- This is an app which allows for both to-do lists, reminders, and for taking notes. Again, I’m fairly new to it, but so far, I’m very impressed!
  5. Shopping List- It’s very simple and it’s free. I’ve heard “Remember the Milk” (by Remember the Milk) is a better app, I just haven’t tried it. . I will have to try that one later on.
  6. Mind Meister (by MeisterLabs)- It’s a free version of the MindNode everyone raves about. It helps for when you have a great big idea, basically giving you a way to map out the idea. We all have the great ideas and this app keeps us focused on them.
  7. Nirvana (by Nirvanahq)- This is another to-do list, I personally like it for when you are overwhelmed with tasks. You can mark which ones you need to focus on, and which ones you don’t.

Apps for Working Memory Skills

ADHD impacts our working memory. It’s bad as a kid, and it doesn’t really get much better as an adult. I’m not saying these apps will definitely improve your working memory or your IQ score, but they might. And I have time for the mights because I can’t remember the do’s.

  1. Luminosity (by Lumos Labs, Inc)- It’s free and simple. And it’s addictive.
  2. Melon (A bunch of I don’t know for this part)- I love this one, it has daily challenges and works with recall and spatial memory.
  3. Peak (by Peak Labs)- This is one of those games which wants you to subscribe, and I completely would if I was made of money. You decide the areas you want to work on with memory, and then you get different games which boosts those areas. It’s a lot like Melon.
  4. Concentrate! (by Norbert Nagy, unknown if available for Droid)- This game is simple, you are presented with a color and you must mark whether it is written in the color it says it is. I wasn’t able to complete the challenge, but I will!
  5. Impulse Control! (by Neurogames, unknown if available for Droid)- I’d like to think this controls physical impulse, but I’m not entirely certain with this. Either way, it’s a fun little game to play.

Apps for Emotion Regulation

Though it may not always be the case, sometimes people with ADHD have difficulties with emotional regulation. These apps may help a little with noticing patterns to prevent these behaviors from occurring. Of course, it’s hard because it’s another app to up, but if that’s a problem, maybe having someone who isn’t ADHD do it for you would help.

  1. Autism Lite (by Track & Share Apps, LLC, only for iPhone)- I like this one because it also looks into matters such as sensory (commonly co-morbid with ADHD), and it also looks at the weather (there has been some discussion over the limbic system being influenced by air pressure). You can chart emotions over a span of time as well.
  2. For When I’m…-This app gives suggestions for things which can be done when you are in a mood. It’s a little childish, but can be helpful with handling emotions.
  3. ReliefLink (by Emory University, unknown if for Droid)- This is a program for suicide prevention, and can help to give resources or assistance when needed.
  4. M. Cycles (by Delta Works, only for iPhone)- (sorry, boys!) This app is great for figuring out if my emotions are out of whack due to hormones and for some reason, if it is, it calms me down.
  5. Happify (by Happify, Inc., only for iPhone)- This app works to help you find the happy in your life.

Apps for Mindfulness/Meditation/Sleep

These apps are great for mediation which can help with stress reduction (which is key for people with ADHD), and can help build internal thought process which can help with verbal outbursts. I threw sleep in this category as well.

  1. Headspace (by Headspace Meditation Limited)- It walks you through ten minutes of meditation for ten days with videos. It’s amazing!
  2. PersonalZen (by Hadley Harris, only for iPhone)- You trace the path of a little peaceful blue guy. I guess it also helps with mood regulation as well. I found it peaceful, but I also found it to be a bit boring.
  3. Relax Melodies (by Ipnos Soft)- This app allows for you to create your own white noise. There are many versions of this, I personally enjoy the zen one myself.

Other Helpful Apps

There are some apps I just couldn’t survive without.

  1. Waze (by Waze)- This app is a navigation app and also shows when things are upcoming in traffic. It’s wonderful!
  2. Mango Health (by Mango Health, only for iPhone)- I get points for taking my medication on time which I can use to earn prizes! That’s right! It also talks about different interactions one can have with medication.
  3. 30 Days- This app is a great idea to prevent impulse shopping, however I question how helpful it would really be. You write what you want to buy (while ignoring the spelling errors on their end), and it locks the item into your phone for 30 days so you can determine if you really want it or not.
  4. Mint (by Intuit, Inc)- This app can help with finances, and also helps remind you of upcoming bills and potential expenses.
  5. Youmail Visual Voicemail (by Youmail, Inc)- This app turns all of your voicemails into text messages. It’s fantastic as I personally hate receiving voicemails and struggle to remember numbers which were given.
  6. Audible (by Audible)- This app is a book reader app, which is great for people who struggle with reading books or just find they don’t have time!

That’s all I have for right now, I will hopefully be adding more and updating the list! Feel free to comment apps which have helped you as well =).

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