Book Review- Room

In this review I am looking at Room by Emma Donoghue. This review will have spoilers regarding the plotline.

This book is yet another book which is right up my alley in terms of talking about psychology. It tells the story of a young boy who is quite precocious in terms of some of his abilities…however Jack, the young boy, is also stuck within a room unbeknownst to him. Jack lives with his mother in this room, occasionally visited by the Old Man who brings them treats. As the reader continues with the story, the reader realizes Jack and his mother are forced to live within this room and Jack has never left the room before.

Finally, the mother has enough and helps Jack to escape from the room (in a most interesting manner). The book then transitions from Jack’s simple life to one of which Jack is exposed to different sorts of sensory he has never experienced before. The book gives an accurate view of what it is like to have a sort of sensory processing disorder. The book also clearly paints a picture of who Jack is and who he becomes while still keeping the eyes of a child. The book also talks about the struggles the mother faces with this situation.

I feel this book has a strong potential for being used as a sort of case study. Donoghue did her research with this story and created a fairly accurate presentation towards how a child would react when being exposed to a new world. I do wish the story had somehow given a firsthand view of what the mother was experiencing as well. It would be interesting to see her side of the story and to see her growth within the story from a firsthand perspective.

Overall, I recommend reading this book. I highly recommend it for people in the profession of childcare.

Eventually I will have a book review in which I discuss a book I didn’t enjoy.

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